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'Why are escape rooms so good for team building?'

Tell your colleagues that you’re planning a team building event for them may cause the odd groan and roll of the eyes. “Not this again,” say those who always only attend against their better judgement. “I won’t have to do anything embarrassing will I?” says the new girl sitting quietly at her desk staring blankly at her monitor in the hope she will be missed off the list. “Another win for me,” proclaims the overly confident manager supping his fifth coffee of the morning at the vending machine.


Sheep herding? Really?

But what to do this time? It can’t just be a jolly day out with lunch and then a few drinks at the pub at the end. There are some real benefits to organising a team building day, especially with a new team of employees who know very little about each other and their skills. Let’s not forget it can be those colleagues who have been with the company for many years that can sometimes need some incentivising or encouragement to interact with newer arrivals.

Paintballing, go-karting, country pursuits, sheep herding, cookery classes, sailing lessons, the list of options goes on and on. Now there is a new fun activity to consider – escape rooms. Decide on your teams (usually between two and six people), get ‘locked in’ a room and work together to find clues and solve puzzles in a bid to escape within 60 minutes (think Crystal Maze). There are over 1,000 escape rooms in the UK – a growing category in the leisure and entertainment industry and it’s one companies are quickly realising can benefit the communication and motivation of their staff.


We're enthusiasts too

 We’re escape room enthusiasts first and foremost. We decided we wanted to create an experience that wasn’t just a challenge for teams, but fun, dramatic and completely immersive. Over the past 12 months, we've welcomed a plethora of local companies for team building days and it isn’t just our Salisbury escape room on the list of options. We also offer Games Master tasks where teams are faced with challenges to perform together, plus there is our outdoor experience, ‘POD’, which brings together the rush of the escape room alongside a Salisbury treasure hunt.


Ticking all the boxes

These varied challenges fit perfectly with what companies wish to achieve for their employees. One of the most important on that list is communication. Talking to each other and cooperation is key to the success of your business and it is key to the success of solving an escape room. Whatever kind of scenario your teams are faced with there will be multiple types of puzzles and tasks that only by working together they will be able to solve. Then there are the clues to find, padlocks to open, hidden rooms to discover – all of which cannot be done without the sharing of information and ultimately pulling together while the clock is forever ticking down. There is nothing better than a looming deadline to rally a team.


It's always the quiet ones

We often find on a team building day that those employees that were perhaps considered less outgoing and able to voice their opinions very often feel comfortable enough to make themselves heard in our Salisbury escape room. Escape rooms are even more effective if you mix up the groups with members of the varying departments or those who know one another less well. You will be surprised with the number of employees who shine in this scenario. It’s rewarding for all involved.


Mission accomplished

Simply running a team building activity sends the message to staff that a company cares about their success. Events such as escape room experiences are designed to help them grow and develop new skills – but more than that, they’re about having fun too. After four or five hours getting a real brain workout, laughing together and harnessing their competitive spirit there is a tangible sense of achievement when the teams all come together to see who won all the events on the day.. All we really want as a business is for those spending time teambuilding with us
to go away feeling like they will be looking forward to going to the office in the morning. Not just feeling incentivised in the job, but with fond memories of their first escape room experience together.”


Claire  x

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