At Live Escape Salisbury we can offer businesses the chance to experience the ultimate
group activity. Escape games are a brilliant way of bringing together work colleagues
for an hour of great fun.


Think you know who would be a natural leader? Is there always someone who is quick at solving problems? Or perhaps there is a person in your company who always seems to keep themselves to themselves and just needs a little encouragement to have their say?


Spectre will prove to be the perfect platform for everyone to get involved. . . or it's GAME OVER.


Reap the rewards

The conditions of our Spectre game encourage colleagues to work as a cohesive group and express themselves in a way in which they may not at work.


Team members will naturally get to know one another a lot better personally and professionally
as they work together to escape.


This kind of team building activity allows colleagues to think creatively while facing
the challenges involved.


This fun team building game brings colleagues closer together and, if you succeed, gives a great sense of achievement among everyone..


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Please get in touch regarding your requirements and preferences before booking.
This allows us to  organise the structure of your day to ensure that your team gets the
best from our team building activities.

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