Several decades ago a world federal task force was formed called RESPECT. Its purpose was to ease the uncontrolled growth of the global population while balancing the resources required to sustain humanity into the next Millennium.

RESPECT spent many years collecting and analysing data and running computer simulations. They even factored in future efficiencies through innovation and adaptation. Their conclusion was that to do nothing would be morally worse than doing something.


Behind closed doors, governments and scientists discussed potential solutions, all leading to the moral dilemma: how do you weigh the lives of billions of people against the survival of the species?


Solutions put forward by RESPECT were considered too severe and sparked controversy across the world. The task force was disbanded.


Evidence has now surfaced that some of its senior operatives have formed a new faction known as SPECTRE. We are looking for agents to investigate SPECTRE and uncover their plans.

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We recommend a team of 4 players for a perfect experience

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Work together to solve the puzzles

You have 60 minutes to escape the room


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